Start-FinOpsCostExport Initiates a Cost Management export run for the most recent period.

Syntax Examples

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The Start-FinOpsCostExport command runs a Cost Management export for the most recent period using the Run API.

This command has been tested with the following API versions:

  • 2023-07-01-preview (default) – Enables FocusCost and other datasets.
  • 2023-08-01

🧮 Syntax

Start-FinOpsCostExport `
    [-Name] <string> `
    [-Scope <string>] `
    [-ApiVersion <string>]

📥 Parameters

Name Description
‑Name Optional. Name of the export. Supports wildcards.
‑Scope Optional. Resource ID of the scope the export was created for. If empty, defaults to current subscription context.
‑ApiVersion Optional. API version to use when calling the Cost Management exports API. Default = 2023-03-01.

🌟 Examples

Run export

Start-FinopsCostExport -Name 'July2023OneTime'

Runs an export called ‘July2023OneTime’.

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