Get-FinOpsToolkitVersion Gets available versions from published FinOps toolkit releases.

Syntax Examples

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The Get-FinOpsToolkitVersions command calls GitHub to retrieve all toolkit releases, then filters the list based on the specified options.

🧮 Syntax

Get-FinOpsToolkitVersion `
    [-Latest] `
    [-Preview] `

📥 Parameters

Name Description
Latest Optional. Indicates that only the most recent release should be returned. Default = false.
Preview Optional. Indicates that preview releases should also be included. Default = false.

🌟 Examples

Get stable release versions


Returns all stable (non-preview) release versions.

Get latest stable release only

Get-FinOpsToolkitVersion -Latest

Returns only the latest stable (non-preview) release version.

Get all versions

Get-FinOpsToolkitVersion -Preview

Returns all release versions, including preview releases.

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