FinOps and intersecting frameworks This article helps you understand the FinOps and intersecting frameworks capability within the FinOps Framework and how to implement that in the Microsoft Cloud.

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FinOps and intersecting frameworks refers to integrating FinOps practices with other frameworks and methodologies used by an organization.

Identify what frameworks and methodologies are used within your organization. Learn about the processes and benefits each framework provides and how they overlap with FinOps. Develop a plan for how processes can be aligned to achieve collective goals.

▶️ Getting started

Implementation of this capability is highly dependent on how your organization has adopted each of the following frameworks and methodologies and what tools you’ve selected for each. See the following articles for details:

🍎 Learn more at the FinOps Foundation

This capability is a part of the FinOps Framework by the FinOps Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing cloud cost management and optimization. For more information about FinOps, including useful playbooks, training and certification programs, and more, see the FinOps and intersecting frameworks capability article in the FinOps Framework documentation.

You can also find related videos on the FinOps Foundation YouTube channel:

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