Get-FinOpsPricingUnit Gets a pricing unit with its corresponding distinct unit and block size.

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The Get-FinOpsPricingUnit command returns a pricing unit (aka unit of measure) with the singular, distinct unit based on applicable block pricing rules, and the pricing block size.

Block pricing is when a service is measured in groups of units (e.g., 100 hours).

🧮 Syntax

Get-FinOpsPricingUnit `
    [[-UnitOfMeasure] <string>] `
    [-DistinctUnits <string>] `
    [-BlockSize <string>]

📥 Parameters

Name Description
UnitOfMeasure Optional. Unit of measure (aka pricing unit) value from a Cost Management cost/usage details or price sheet dataset. Accepts wildcards. Default = * (all).
DistinctUnits Optional. The distinct unit for the pricing unit without block pricing. Accepts wildcards. Default = * (all).
BlockSize Optional. The number of units for block pricing (e.g., 100 for “100 Hours”). Default = null (all).

🌟 Examples

Get based on unit of measure

Get-FinOpsPricingUnit -UnitOfMeasure "*hours*"

Returns all pricing units with “hours” in the name.

Get based on distinct units

Get-FinOpsPricingUnit -DistinctUnits "GB"

Returns all pricing units measured in gigabytes.

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