Convert Cost Management data to FOCUS Convert existing Cost Management actual and amortized datasets to FOCUS.

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This document provides guidance for converting Cost Management actual and amortized datasets to the FinOps Open Cost and Usage Specification (FOCUS). To learn more about FOCUS, refer to the FOCUS overview.

➡️ How to convert Cost Management data to FOCUS

The following mapping is assuming you have all amortized cost rows and only commitment purchases and refunds from the actual cost dataset.

FOCUS column Cost Management column Transform
BilledCost CostInBillingCurrency Use 0 for amortized commitment usage1
BillingAccountId EA: BillingAccountId
MCA: BillingProfileId
BillingAccountName EA: BillingAccountName
MCA: BillingProfileName
BillingCurrency EA: BillingCurrencyCode
MCA: BillingCurrency
BillingPeriodEnd BillingPeriodEndDate Add 1 day for the exclusive end date
BillingPeriodStart BillingPeriodStartDate None
ChargeCategory ChargeType If “Usage”, “Purchase”, or “Tax”, same value; if “UnusedReservation” or “UnusedSavingsPlan”, Usage; otherwise, Adjustment
ChargeDescription ProductName None
ChargeFrequency Frequency If “OneTime”, One-Time; if “Recurring”, Recurring; if “UsageBased”, Usage-Based; otherwise, Other
ChargePeriodEnd Date Add 1 day for the exclusive end date
ChargePeriodStart Date None
ChargeSubcategory ChargeType If “Usage” and PricingModel is “Reservation” or “SavingsPlan”, Used Commitment; if “UnusedReservation” or “UnusedSavingsPlan”, Unused Commitment; if “Usage”, On-Demand; if “Refund”, Refund; if “RoundingAdjustment”, Rounding Error; otherwise, Other.
CommitmentDiscountCategory BenefitId If BenefitId contains “/microsoft.capacity/” (case-insensitive), Usage; if contains “/microsoft.billingbenefits/”, use Spend; otherwise, null
CommitmentDiscountId BenefitId None
CommitmentDiscountName BenefitName None
CommitmentDiscountType BenefitId If BenefitId contains “/microsoft.capacity/” (case-insensitive), Reservation; if contains “/microsoft.billingbenefits/”, Savings Plan; otherwise, null
EffectiveCost CostInBillingCurrency Use 0 for commitment purchases and refunds1.
InvoiceIssuerName PartnerName If PartnerName is empty, use Microsoft.
ListCost EA: Not available
MCA: PaygCostInBillingCurrency
ListUnitPrice EA: PayGPrice
MCA: PayGPrice * ExchangeRate
PricingCategory PricingModel If “OnDemand”, On-Demand; if “Spot”, Dynamic; if “Reservation” or “Savings Plan”, Commitment Discount; otherwise, Other
PricingQuantity Quantity Map UnitOfMeasure using Pricing units data file and divide Quantity by the PricingBlockSize
PricingUnit UnitOfMeasure Map using Pricing units data file
ProviderName Microsoft None
PublisherName PublisherName None
Region ResourceLocation Map using Regions data file3
ResourceId ResourceId None
ResourceName ResourceName None
ResourceType ResourceType Map using Resource types data file
ServiceCategory ResourceType Map using Services data file
ServiceName ResourceType Map using Services data file
SkuId EA: Not available
MCA: ProductId
SkuPriceId Not available None
SubAccountId SubscriptionId None
SubAccountName SubscriptionName None
Tags Tags Wrap in { and } if needed
UsageQuantity Quantity None
UsageUnit UnitOfMeasure Map using Pricing units data file

1. BilledCost should copy cost from all rows except commitment usage that has a PricingModel of “Reservation” or “SavingsPlan” which should be 0. EffectiveCost should copy cost from all amortized dataset rows; commitment purchases and refunds from the actual cost dataset should be 0.

2. Quantity in Cost Management is the usage quantity.

3. While Region is a direct mapping of ResourceLocation, Cost Management and FinOps toolkit reports do additional data cleansing to ensure consistency in values based on the Regions data file.

🙋‍♀️ Feedback about FOCUS columns

If you have feedback about our mappings or about our full FOCUS support plans, please start a thread in discussions. If you believe you’ve found a bug, please create an issue.

If you have feedback about FOCUS, please create an issue in the FOCUS repository. We also encourage you to consider contributing to the FOCUS project. The project is looking for more practitioners to help bring their experience to help guide efforts and make this the most useful spec it can be. To learn more about FOCUS or to contribute to the project, visit

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