Get-FinOpsHub Gets details about a FinOps hub instance.

Syntax Examples

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The Get-FinOpsHubs command calls GitHub to retrieve all toolkit releases, then filters the list based on the specified options.

🧮 Syntax

Get-FinOpsHub `
    [[-Name] <string>] `
    [-ResourceGroupName <string>] `

📥 Parameters

Name Description
‘‑Name’ Optional. Name of the FinOps hub instance. Supports wildcards.
‘‑ResourceGroupName’ Optional. Name of the resource group the FinOps hub was deployed to. Supports wildcards.

🌟 Examples

Get all hubs


Returns all FinOps hubs for the selected subscription.

Get named hubs

Get-FinOpsHub -Name foo*

Returns all FinOps hubs that start with ‘foo’.

Get hubs in a resource group

Get-FinOpsHub -ResourceGroupName foo

Returns all hubs in the ‘foo’ resource group.

Get named hubs in a resource group

Get-FinOpsHub -Name foo -ResourceGroupName bar

Returns all FinOps hubs named ‘foo’ in the ‘bar’ resource group.

  • 🏦 FinOps hubs – Open, extensible, and scalable cost reporting.

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