Get-FinOpsResourceType Gets details about an Azure resource type.

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The Get-FinOpsResourceType command returns an Azure resource type with readable display names, a flag to indicate if the resource provider identified this as a preview resource type, a description, an icon, and help and support links.

🧮 Syntax

Get-FinOpsResourceType `
    [[-ResourceType] <string>] `
    [-IsPreview <bool>]

📥 Parameters

Name Description
‑ResourceType Optional. Azure resource type value. Accepts wildcards. Default = * (all).
‑IsPreview Optional. Indicates whether to include or exclude resource types that are in preview. Note: Not all resource types self-identify as being in preview, so this may not be completely accurate. Default = null (include all).

🌟 Examples

Get resource type details

Get-FinOpsResourceType -ResourceType "microsoft.compute/virtualmachines"

Returns the resource type details for virtual machines.

Get non-preview resource types

Get-FinOpsResourceType -Preview $false

Returns all resource types that are not in preview.

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