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As of FinOps toolkit 0.2, the FOCUS report was merged into the Cost summary report. Both Cost summary and Commitment discounts now use FOCUS 1.0 preview. If you would like to use the FOCUS report, you can download it from the FinOps toolkit 0.1.1 release.

The FOCUS report is an example Azure dataset that aligns to the FinOps Open Cost and Usage Specification (FOCUS), an open specification that provides a common schema for cost and usage data. To learn more, see

You can download the FOCUS report from the FinOps toolkit 0.1.1 release.

Working with this report

This report includes the following filters on each page:

  • Date range
  • Sub account (subscription)
  • Service category
  • Service name
  • Region
  • Currency

A few common KPIs you fill find in this report are:

  • Amortized cost shows the effective cost for the period with commitment-based discount purchases amortized across the commitment term.
  • Billed cost shows the billed cost as it would appear on your invoice.

Note the currency must be single-select to ensure costs in different currencies aren’t mixed.

Get started

The Get started page includes a basic introduction to the report with additional links to learn more.

Screenshot of the Get started page

Raw data

The Raw data page includes a table with all FOCUS columns (except the IDs to conserve space). This page is useful to familiarize yourself with the columns themselves.

Screenshot of the Raw data page


The Services page offers a breakdown of cost by service. Each service is grouped into a service category, which is similar to how service are organized on the website.

The FOCUS ServiceName column is not the same thing as MeterCategory or the ServiceName column for Enterprise Agreement accounts. FOCUS ServiceName is a grouping of resources in each category. This means bandwidth charges for a VM will be grouped under the Compute service category rather than the Network meter category. This distinction is very important when comparing numbers between FOCUS and Azure schemas.

Screenshot of the Services page

Sub accounts

The Sub accounts page includes a breakdown of cost by sub account (subscription).

Screenshot of the Sub accounts page


The Resources page includes a breakdown of cost by resource.

Screenshot of the Resources page

Working draft

The Working draft page shows the latest developments from the FOCUS working draft, which currently includes the following changes compared to FOCUS 0.5:

  • AmortizedCost was renamed to EffectiveCost.
  • ChargeFrequency was added to indicate how often a charge will be repeated.
  • CommitmentDiscountId and CommitmentDiscountName were added to indicate the commitment discount that was applied to a charge.
  • ListUnitPrice was added to indicate the list (or retail) price for a charge.

Screenshot of the Working draft page

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