# Use Run-From-Zip without Azure Storage to deploy a site to Azure Web Apps or Functions

Yesterday (opens new window) I discussed a feature that gives you the ability to deploy a site to Azure Web Apps or Azure Functions from a zip file. It is called Run-From-Zip which you simply point to the location in your App Settings and it automatically gets mounted on wwwroot as read-only.

The one requirement that it had was that you need an Azure Storage Blob Container. If you don't want to do that than an alternative approach is to host the files on Kudu.

Open Kudu and create a home\data\SitePackages folder, and drop your zip file in there.

Create a file named packagename.txt and give it the name of your zip file.

Mine looks like the following mcsample.zip

In Azure App Settings, set WEBSITE_RUN_FROM_ZIP to 1 instead of the full path that we used yesterday with Azure Storage Blob Container.