Deploy Virtual Assistant to Azure US Cloud

Steps to deploy the Virtual Assistant template to Azure US Government Cloud


  • Azure US Government Azure Subscription


  1. Connect with Azure CLI Connect to Azure Government by setting the cloud with the name AzureUSGovernment.

     az cloud set --name AzureUSGovernment

    Once the cloud has been set, you can continue logging in:

     az login
  2. Add the following to your parameters.template.json:

     "qnaMakerServiceLocation": {
       "value": "usgovvirginia"
  3. Run the deploy command from your project directory with the following parameters:

     .\Deployment\Scripts\deploy.ps1 `
         -parametersFile .\Deployment\Resources\parameters.template.json `
         -luisAuthoringKey your-authoring-key `
         -luisAuthoringRegion virginia `
         -armLuisAuthoringRegion usgovvirginia `
         -qnaEndpoint `