This site is obsolete and should be used for reference only. The information in this documentation is not guaranteed to work for Bot Framework SDK versions past 4.9.1.

Deploy Virtual Assistant to Azure US Cloud

Steps to deploy the Virtual Assistant template to Azure US Government Cloud


  • Azure US Government Azure Subscription


  1. Connect with Azure CLI Connect to Azure Government by setting the cloud with the name AzureUSGovernment.

     az cloud set --name AzureUSGovernment

    Once the cloud has been set, you can continue logging in:

     az login
  2. Add the following to your parameters.template.json:

     "qnaMakerServiceLocation": {
       "value": "usgovvirginia"
  3. Run the deploy command from your project directory with the following parameters:

     .\Deployment\Scripts\deploy.ps1 `
         -parametersFile .\Deployment\Resources\parameters.template.json `
         -luisAuthoringKey your-authoring-key `
         -luisAuthoringRegion virginia `
         -armLuisAuthoringRegion usgovvirginia `
         -qnaEndpoint `