This site is obsolete and should be used for reference only. The information in this documentation is not guaranteed to work for Bot Framework SDK versions past 4.9.1.

Tutorial: Enable continuous integration (Typescript)

Configure the build steps

  1. With the YAML file configured, visit your Azure DevOps team, select Pipelines, then Builds. Screenshot highlighting how to access Builds on Azure Pipelines

  2. Select the New option and connect to where your code is hosted. For this tutorial we will use Github (YAML). Screenshot highlighting where to create a new build pipeline

  3. Under Connect, select your repository. Select a repository

  4. Under Configure, select Exsiting Azure Pipelines YAML file. Configure your pipeline

  5. Provide the location of the YAML file created earlier, also including the correct branch if necessary. Select an existing YAML file

  6. The build pipeline is created successfully and you will see the configuration of the YAML file. Now select Run to start the build process. Run the build process