Tutorial: Create (typescript)



Install Bot Framework development prerequisites and create your first Virtual Assistant.


  • Azure Subscription
  • LUIS Authoring Key
    • Option 1: Use a LUIS starter key
      • Go to the LUIS portal for your desired region.
      • Once signed in, select your initials in the right-hand corner, then select Settings.
      • Under Starter_Key, copy the Primary Key.
    • Option 2: Provision a LUIS authoring resource in Azure
      • In the Azure Portal, create a new Language Understanding resource.
      • Under Create options, select Authoring.
      • Select a Resource group, Authoring location, and Authoring pricing tier.
      • Click Create.
      • Go to the resource and select Keys in the menu.
      • Copy one of the available keys.

    Note that LUIS authoring keys for a given region are not valid for models hosted in another region. Review the LUIS regions documentation for more information.

Time to Complete

10 minutes


A Virtual Assistant app (in TypeScript) that greets a new user.