This site is obsolete and should be used for reference only. The information in this documentation is not guaranteed to work for Bot Framework SDK versions past 4.9.1.

Tutorial: Create (csharp)

Add your skill to a Virtual Assistant

Validate the Skill manifest endpoint

To validate your Skill is deployed and working open up a browser window and navigate to your deployed Skill manifest. e.g. http://localhost:3978/manifest/manifest-1.1.json

Adding your skill to an assistant

To add your new Skill to your assistant we provide the botskills command line tool to automate the process of adding the skill to your dispatch model and creating authentication connections where needed.

Run the following command from a command prompt within the directory of your assistant/Bot.

botskills connect --remoteManifest "https://<YOUR_SKILL_NAME>" --cs --luisFolder "<PATH_TO_LU_FOLDER>"

Remember to re-publish your assistant to Azure after you’ve added a Skill unless you plan on testing locally only.

Once the connect command finish successfully, you can see under the botFrameworkSkills property of your assistant’s appsettings.json file that the following structure was added with the information provided in the Skill manifest.

    "botFrameworkSkills": {
        "id": "<SKILL_ID>",
        "appId": "<SKILL_APPID>",
        "skillEndpoint": "https://<SKILL_ENDPOINT>/api/messages",
        "name": "<SKILL_NAME>",
        "description": "<SKILL_DESCRIPTION>"
    "skillHostEndpoint": "https://<VA_ENDPOINT>/api/skills"

For further documentation, please check the following links: