Tutorial: Deploy (cli)

Deploy QnA Maker knowledge bases

  1. Run the following command for each .lu file in \Deployment\Resources\QnA to parse the files to .json files that can be deployed to QnA Maker:
     bf qnamaker:convert `
         --in "path-to-lu-file" `
         --out "output-file-name.qna or folder name"
  2. Run the following command to import .qna file to QnA Maker.
     bf qnamaker:kb:create `
         --name "kb-name" `
         --subscriptionKey "qna-subscription-key" `
         --in "path-to-qna-file"
  3. Run the following command to publish the knowledgebase.
    bf qnamaker:kb:publish `
        --kbId "kb-id" `
        --subscriptionKey "qna-subscription-key"
  4. For each QnA Maker knowledgebase model, add the following configuration to the cognitiveModels.your-locale.knowledgebases collection in cognitivemodels.json file:
         "endpointKey": "",
         "kbId": "",
         "hostname": "",
         "subscriptionKey": "",
         "name": "",
         "id": ""