Tutorial: Deploy (web)

Deploy LUIS models

  1. Run the following command for each .lu file in \Deployment\Resources\LU to parse the files to .json files that can be imported into the LUIS portal:
     bf luis:convert `
         --in "path-to-lu-file" `
         --culture "culture-code" `
         --out "output-file-name.luis or folder name"
  2. In the LUIS portal, click “Create new app”
  3. Provide a name, culture, and description for your app.
  4. Click Manage > Versions > Import version
  5. Browse to your .json file, then click “Done”.
  6. Train your LUIS app.
  7. Publish your LUIS app.
  8. For each LUIS model, add the following configuration to the cognitiveModels.your-locale.languageModels collection in cognitivemodels.json file:
         "subscriptionkey": "",
         "appid": "",
         "id": "",
         "version": "",
         "region": "",
         "name": "",
         "authoringkey": "",
         "authoringRegion": ""