Tutorial: Create (typescript)

Deploy your assistant

The Virtual Assistant requires the following Azure dependencies to run correctly:

  • Azure Web App
  • Azure Storage Account (Transcripts)
  • Azure Application Insights (Telemetry)
  • Azure CosmosDb (State)
  • Language Understanding
  • QnA Maker (including Azure Search, Azure Web App)

To deploy your Assistant using the Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template provided in the project template, follow these steps:

  1. Open PowerShell Core (pwsh.exe)
  2. Change to the project directory of your assistant.
  3. Run the following command to login to Azure:
     az login
  4. If you have multiple subscriptions on your Azure account, change the active subscription to the subscription you wish to deploy your Azure resources to.

  5. Run the following command to deploy your Azure resources using the default settings:

    Parameter Description Required
    name Unique name for your bot. By default this name will be used as the base name for all your Azure Resources. Yes
    resourceGroup The name for your Azure resource group. Default value is the name parameter. No
    location The region for your Azure resource group and default location for all Azure services unless otherwise specified in ARM template parameters. Yes
    appId The application ID for the Azure Active Directory App required by your bot registration. If not provided, a new app registration will be created. No
    appPassword The password for the Azure Active Directory App required by your bot registration. It must be at least 16 characters long, contain at least 1 special character, and contain at least 1 numeric character. If using an existing app, this must be the existing password. Yes
    createLuisAuthoring Indicates whether a new LUIS authoring resource should be created. If false, luisAuthoringKey parameter must be provided. Yes
    luisAuthoringKey Key for existing LUIS Authoring Key resource. No required if createAuthoringResource set to true. No
    luisAuthoringRegion The authoring region for your LUIS account. Review the LUIS regions documentation for more information. Yes
    parametersFile Path to ARM parameters file for overriding default deployment template values. No

You can find more detailed deployment steps including customization instructions in the Deployment Scripts reference.

For manual deployment steps, refer to the Deploy using CLI tools and Deploy using web tutorials.