This site is obsolete and should be used for reference only. The information in this documentation is not guaranteed to work for Bot Framework SDK versions past 4.9.1.

Hospitality Assistant

The Hospitality Assistant sample is a prototype of an assistant that helps to conceptualize and demonstrate how a virtual assistant could be used in a hospitality specific scenario. It also provides a starting point for those interested in creating an assistant customized for this scenario.

This sample works off the basis that the assistant would be integrated into a hotel room device and would help a hotel guest with anything they might usually go to the hotel concierge about. It also provides additional capabilites that might be useful for guests, such as getting the weather forecast or showing current news articles.

The Hospitality Sample builds off of the Virtual Assistant Template with the addition of a QnA Maker knowledge base for answering common hotel FAQs and customized Adaptive Cards.

Hospitality Sample Diagram

Supported scenarios

The majority of the skills connected to this sample are experimental skills, which means they are early prototypes of Skills and are likely to have rudimentary language models, limited language support and limited testing. These skills demonstrate a variety of skill concepts and provide great examples to get you started. This sample demonstrates the following scenarios:

Hotel FAQ

  • Where is the gym?
  • What time is breakfast?
  • Do you allow pets?

Caring Chitchat

  • What can you help me with?
  • That’s great, thanks
  • That didn’t make any sense

Bing Search Skill

Search the web
  • Tell me about the jurassic park movie
  • Who is Bill Gates?

Hospitality Skill

Guest reservation changes
  • I want to extend my stay by 2 nights
  • Can I get a late check out time?
  • Can you check me out now
Room service
  • I want to see a room service menu
  • Can you get me 2 croissants and a yogurt parfait?
  • Can you bring me a toothbrush and toothpaste?

News Skill

Find news articles
  • What’s the latest news on surfing?
  • What news is currently trending?

Restaurant Booking Skill

Make a restaurant reservation
  • Make a dinner reservation for tonight

Point of Interest Skill

Find points of interest nearby
  • Find me nearby coffee shops

Weather Skill

Get the forecast
  • What’s the weather today?


To configure this sample follow the steps below:

  1. Clone the Hospitality Assistant sample.
  2. Follow the Create your Virtual Assistant tutorial to deploy your assistant. Use the sample project you cloned instead of the Virtual Assistant template to include the hospitality customizations in this project.
  3. Clone the following Skills from Bot Framework Skills repository:
  4. Deploy each one of these skills separately, using the deployment script included in the skill directory.
  5. Add each skill using the Botskills CLI tool.

Download transcripts

View sample conversations Hospitality Assistant solution by downloading a transcript and opening with the Bot Framework Emulator. For more flows of specific skills see transcripts.

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