This site is obsolete and should be used for reference only. The information in this documentation is not guaranteed to work for Bot Framework SDK versions past 4.9.1.

Point Of Interest Skill

Find points of interest and directions. Powered by Azure Maps and FourSquare.

Supported scenarios

The following scenarios are currently supported by the Skill:

  • Get Directions to a Point of Interest
    • What’s the fastest way to get to 221B Baker Street?
    • How do I get to the grocery store?
    • I need directions to a café
  • Find a Parking Space
    • Find parking near the doctor’s office
    • Where’s the nearest parking garage?
    • Parking lot by the airport
  • Find a Point of Interest
    • What’s nearby?
    • Are there any pharmacies in town?
    • Can you recommend a restaurant in Seattle?

Language Understanding

LUIS models are provided in .lu file format to support the scenarios used in this Skill.

Supported Languages
Chinese (simplified)


Name Description
GetDirections Matches queries navigating to a point of interest
FindPointOfInterest Matches queries searching for a point of interest
FindParking Matches queries searching for a parking space


Name Description
Address Simple entity matching addresses
Keyword Simple entity matching point of interest keywords and categories
RouteDescription Phrase list entity mapping route descriptors to “eco”,”fastest”,”shortest”,”thrilling”
PoiDescription Phrase list entity mapping descriptors like “nearest” or “closest”
Keyword_brand Common point of interest brands
Keyword_cuisine Common point of interest cuisines
Keyword_category Common point of interest categories
number Prebuilt entity



Learn how to provision your Azure resources in the Create a Skill tutorial.

Supported content providers

Mandatory: Azure Maps is supported for finding Points of Interest and getting route directions to a selected location. As this is the only supported provider to get directions, this provider is required.

Foursquare is supported for finding Points of Interest and related details (rating, business hours, price level, etc.).

Authentication connection settings

No authentication is required for this skill


Learn how to use events to send backend data to a Skill, like a user’s location.

From assistant to user

This Skill supports an outgoing OpenDefaultApp Event Activity that provides a Geo URI for chat clients to determine how to handle navigation to a user’s selected point of interest. The Virtual Assistant Client (Android) sample demonstrates how a client may navigate to a destination using a user’s preferred map application.


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