This site is obsolete and should be used for reference only. The information in this documentation is not guaranteed to work for Bot Framework SDK versions past 4.9.1.

Tutorial: Deploy (web)

Create a Dispatch LUIS model

  1. Initialize the dispatch model. See dispatch init command.
     dispatch init `
         --name "dispatch-name" `
         --luisAuthoringKey "luis-authoring-key" `
         --luisAuthoringRegion "luis-authoring-region `
         --dataFolder "path-to-output-folder"
  2. Add LUIS and QnA Maker sources to dispatch
    • Foreach LUIS app, run the following command. See dispatch add command.
        dispatch add `
            --type "luis" `
            --name "luis-app-name" `
            --id "luis-app-id" `
            --region "luis-authoring-region" `
            --intentName "l_luis-app-name" `
            --dataFolder "path-to-output-folder" `
            --dispatch "path-to-.dispatch-file"
    • Foreach QnA Maker knowledgebase, run the following command.
        dispatch add `
            --type "qna" `
            --name "kb-name `
            --id "kb-id" `
            --key "qna-subscription-key" `
            --intentName "q_kb-app-name" `
            --dataFolder "path-to-output-folder" `
            --dispatch "path-to-.dispatch-file"
  3. Create the dispatch model. See dispatch create command.
     dispatch create `
         --dispatch "path-to-.dispatch-file" `
         --dataFolder "path-to-output-folder" `
         --culture "dispatch-culture"
  4. Run the following command to generate a strongly typed C# source code of your (json) Dispatch application. See bf luis:generate:cs command.
     bf luis:generate:cs `
         --in "path-to-json-file" `
         --className "DispatchLuis" `
         --out "path-to-output-folder"
  5. Add the following configuration to the cognitiveModels.your-locale.dispatchModel collection in cognitivemodels.json file of your bot.
     "dispatchModel": {
         "authoringkey": "",
         "appid": "",
         "name": "",
         "subscriptionkey": "",
         "region": "",
         "authoringRegion": "",
         "type": "dispatch"