# Access and embed Azure Cloud Shell Anywhere

I've discussed at great lengths many aspects of Azure Cloud Shell. Some of my recent posts include :

Today, I'd like to discuss the new functionality with Azure Cloud Shell, which allows you to spin up a shell in your browser by simply going to shell.azure.com (opens new window).

Keep in mind that this is the same Cloud Shell you know and love, it is just easily accessible anywhere you have a browser.

# Jump to the PowerShell or BASH instance

You can also specify which instance of Cloud Shell you wish to launch (ex. PowerShell or BASH) by modifying the URL.

# Embed Cloud Shell

According to the docs (opens new window), you can easily embed this into Markdown or a Pop-up.

For instance, this button Launch Cloud Shell (opens new window) was created using the Markdown the docs team provided. They also have a sample for a pop-up.