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Requirements for contributing documentation

Conventions and lessons learned

Please update this list as you learn more.

  1. filenames should all be lowercase.
  2. filenames should use "_" to separate words and should not have spaces.
  3. all links to pages are case sensitive (when published to GitHub the server is case sensitive)
  4. use a code editor like vscode for markdown. It has linting support and will identify issues prior to build.
  5. For rare cases you need to break a linter rule you can do so using the syntax defined here:
  6. If you markdown has images:
    1. Awesome. Images help make docs more informative and easier to understand
    2. Path in markdown to image must be relative
    3. Suggested to put in same directory as md file
    4. image filename must end with _mu.extension. Example my_image_name_mu.png
    5. Supported image extensions are gif, jpg, png