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MFCI Device ID Support Library: SMBIOS instance example


MFCI-compatible platforms MUST publish MFCI targeting information prior to EndOfDxe. They may do so by either setting all of the Per-Device Targeting Variables declared in MfciVariables.h. Alternatively, then can implement an instance of MFCI Device ID Support Library.

Refer to MfciDeviceIdSupportLib.h for this library's interface.


This example instance of MfciDeviceIdSupportLib leverages EFI_SMBIOS_PROTOCOL to implement the library interface. This library is invoked by MfciDxe in an event that triggers immediately prior to EndOfDxe, and expects all SMBIOS values leveraged to be populated with correct MFCI targeting values at that time. A platform might accomplish this by populating SMBIOS values in another driver's entry point, constructor, or in an event upon arrival of EFI_SMBIOS_PROTOCOL.

To leverage this library, add the following to your platform DSC:


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