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Rust Host Unit Test Plugin

This CI plugin runs all unit tests and requires that they pass. If code coverage is turned on with "CalculateCoverage": true, then coverage percentages will be calculated on a per rust crate basis.

Plugin Customizations

  • CalculateCoverage: true / false - Whether or not to calculate coverage results
  • Coverage: int (0, 1) - The percentage of coverage required to pass the CI check, if CalculateCoverage is enabled
  • CoverageOverrides int (0, 1) - Crate specific override of percentage needed to pass

As a default, Calculating Coverage is enabled and at least 75% (.75) code coverage is required to pass.

Example ci settings

"RustHostUnitTestPlugin": {
    "CalculateCoverage": true,
    "Coverage": 1,
    "CoverageOverrides": {
        "DxeRust": 0.4,
        "UefiEventLib": 0.67,