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Using MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib


This document describes the overview of Secure Boot related changes from SecurityPkg and how MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib and SecureBootKeyStoreLib are introduced to leverage the changes to support multiple key chains needed by OEMs.

Involved Definitions

Definitions Definition Paths Implementation Paths
UefiSecureBoot.h SecurityPkg/Include/UefiSecureBoot.h N/A
SecureBootVariableLib.h SecurityPkg/Include/Library/SecureBootVariableLib.h SecurityPkg/Library/SecureBootVariableLib/SecureBootVariableLib.inf
PlatformPKProtectionLib.h SecurityPkg/Include/Library/PlatformPKProtectionLib.h SecurityPkg/Library/PlatformPKProtectionLibVarPolicy/PlatformPKProtectionLibVarPolicy.inf (Required If Platforms Uses Variable Policy to Protect PK)
MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib.h MsCorePkg/Include/Library/MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib.h MsCorePkg/Library/MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib/MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib.inf
SecureBootKeyStoreLib.h MsCorePkg/Include/Library/SecureBootKeyStoreLib.h Platform Supplied

Update for Secure Boot Variable Operation in SecurityPkg

With the improvement from SecurityPkg/Library/SecureBootVariableLib/SecureBootVariableLib.inf, this library begins to support the Secure Boot related variables (db, dbt, dbx, KEK, PK, etc.) deletion and enrollment without much external dependencies: gEfiVariableWriteArchProtocolGuid is required; if platform supports variable policy, gEdkiiVariablePolicyProtocolGuid is also required.

The Delete** interfaces as well as the EnrollFromInput could be leveraged to delete or write individual secure boot variable with time based authenticated payload. IsSecureBootEnabled is also added to query the secure boot state quickly.

Interface DeleteSecureBootVariables

In addition, the newly introduced interface from SecureBootVariableLib, DeleteSecureBootVariables, streamline all secure boot variable deletion in one function to facilitate the usage for platforms.

Interface SetSecureBootVariablesToDefault

Another newly introduced interface from SecureBootVariableLib, SetSecureBootVariablesToDefault, streamline all secure boot variable enrollment in one function to facilitate the usage for platforms. This function takes the platform supplied SECURE_BOOT_PAYLOAD_INFO structure (defined in SecurityPkg/Include/UefiSecureBoot.h) that contains pointers to target secure boot variables (db, dbt, dbx, KEK, PK, etc.), creates time based authenticated payload, disable PK variable protection if needed, and write the variables. Specifically, the content from SECURE_BOOT_PAYLOAD_INFO must be formatted to EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST structures.

Interface SecureBootCreateDataFromInput

This interface is a helper function to convert DER formatted certificates to EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST. Callers can collect all applicable DER formatted certificates' addresses and sizes in SECURE_BOOT_CERTIFICATE_INFO arrays. The collected array can be passed into this interface to create a single, concatenated EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST in one call.

This function is especially useful for platforms that currently carry these certificates in DER format to populate SECURE_BOOT_PAYLOAD_INFO structure.

Creation of MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib

The introduction of this library instance is to support platforms that needs to install mutiple chains of secure boot keys under various circumstances. i.e. Platform would like to support only 1st party signed applications vs. 1st party and 3rd party signed application.

This library provides a set of SECURE_BOOT_PAYLOAD_INFO, each entry formatted to EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST structure. This set of keys will be used with MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib to select which key set to be applied to the system. Along with the signature list pointers, each key could provide a unicode string to denote its name, which might be used in other modules for informational purpose.

The provided key sets should persist in the lifetime of its consuming module. The caller should not free the key store buffer after usage.

Note: If the platforms currently deliver any associated certificates in DER format, one should use SecureBootCreateDataFromInput function to convert them into EFI_SIGNATURE_LIST format.

Usage of MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib

This library provides an interface to query or set the current status of secure boot variables in accordance to the key sets provided in MuSecureBootKeySelectorLib.

Platform Integration

Platform Code

Platforms held the responsibility in authoring a library instance of SecureBootKeyStoreLib to provide certificates or signature lists for secure boot operation usage.

Optional: if platforms do not use variable policy to protect PK, one should also author an instance of PlatformPKProtectionLib to disarm the protection when PK is about to be updated.

Platform DSC Change

Add the following items in the platform DSC file:

  # Optional
  # Platform Code