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Identity and Authentication Manager

Basic overview of the IdentityAndAuthManager module.

File Overview


  • Private header file defining private functions for use across module
  • Define the internal structure that holds the auth handle to identity mapping


  • Implement the Dxe specific parts of this. Including:
  • Event handling
  • Protocol access
  • Protocol installation


  • Provide the implementation for the auth protocol functions


  • Support using Variable to set, change, or remove the AuthManager Key based identities


  • Support NV storage of Provisioned Data. This manages loading internal store and saving changes to internal store.
  • This differs from the Provision.c file in that this has nothing to do with User input or applying user changes. Thi is internal to the module only.


  • Support the get identity functionality
  • Dispose Auth Handle
  • Private
  • Identity / auth token map management (Add, Free, Find)
  • Add security TODO


  • Dxe Module inf file

DfciAuthentication.h PUBLIC HEADER FILE

  • Defines the DXE protocol to access Identity and Auth management