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Please ensure you have read the contribution docs prior to submitting the pull request. In particular, pull request guidelines.


<Please include a description of the change and why this change was made.>

For each item, place an "x" in between [ and ] if true. Example: [x]. (you can also check items in the GitHub UI)

  • Impacts functionality?
  • Functionality - Does the change ultimately impact how firmware functions?
  • Examples: Add a new library, publish a new PPI, update an algorithm, ...
  • Impacts security?
  • Security - Does the change have a direct security impact on an application, flow, or firmware?
  • Examples: Crypto algorithm change, buffer overflow fix, parameter validation improvement, ...
  • Breaking change?
  • Breaking change - Will anyone consuming this change experience a break in build or boot behavior?
  • Examples: Add a new library class, move a module to a different repo, call a function in a new library class in a pre-existing module, ...
  • Includes tests?
  • Tests - Does the change include any explicit test code?
  • Examples: Unit tests, integration tests, robot tests, ...
  • Includes documentation?
  • Documentation - Does the change contain explicit documentation additions outside direct code modifications (and comments)?
  • Examples: Update readme file, add feature readme file, link to documentation on an a separate Web page, ...

How This Was Tested

<Please describe the test(s) that were run to verify the changes.>

Integration Instructions

<Describe how these changes should be integrated. Use N/A if nothing is required.>