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PrintScreenLogger is a DXE_DRIVER you can include in your platform to obtain Screen Captures during the preboot environment by pressing the Ctrl-PrtScn key combination. This action will creates a 24bbp (Bits Per Pixel) .BMP file of the screen's contents and write it to a enabled USB drive.

Supported Architectures

This package is not architecturally dependent. This package is dependent upon the Gop pixel format, and only supports these two pixel formats:

  1. PixelRedGreenBlueReserved8BitPerColor
  2. PixelBlueGreenRedReserved8BitPerColor

PrintScreenLogger operation

During initialization, the Print Screen Logger registers for notification of the Ctrl-PrtScn key combination is pressed.

When a Print Screen callback occurs:

  1. Looks for a mounted USB drive that contains a file in the root directory called PrintScreenEnable.txt. This limits PrintScreenLogger to only write to enabled USB devices.
  2. Looks for the next available filename in the form PrtScreen####.bmp, starting with 0000.
  3. Creates the new PrtScreen####.bmp file.
  4. Call GraphicsOutput->Blt to obtain the complete screen.
  5. Converts the BLT buffer to a 24bbp BMP structure.
  6. Writes the BMP structure to the new PrtScreen####.bmp file.

Including in your platform

Sample DSC change


Sample FDF change

    [FV.<a DXE firmware volume>]
    INF MsGraphicsPkg/PrintScreenLogger/PrintScreenLogger.inf

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause-Patent