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Markdown Lint Plugin

This CiBuildPlugin scans all the markdown files in a given package and checks for linter errors.


The test case in this plugin will be skipped if the requirements are not met.

  1. NodeJs installed and on your path
  2. markdownlint-cli NodeJs package installed
  3. a .markdownlint.yaml config file either at your repository root or package root.

  4. NodeJS:

  5. markdownlint-cli:
  6. Src available:


It is desired to use standard configuration methods so that both local editors (vscode, etc) and the CI process leverage the same configuration. This mostly works but for ignoring files there is currently a small discrepancy.

First there is/can be a .markdownlintignore file at root of the repository. This file much like a .gitignore is great for broadly ignoring files with patterns. This works for both editor/ci.

But for package based ignores and to keep the control of which files to ignore within the package there is no answer that supports both CI and editors. Open question here

For the CI plugin you can use the IgnoreFiles configuration option described in the Plugin Configuration.

Plugin Configuration

The plugin has only minimal configuration options to support the UEFI codebase.

  "MarkdownLintCheck": {
    "AuditOnly": False,          # If True, log all errors and then mark as skipped
    "IgnoreFiles": []            # package root relative file, folder, or glob pattern to ignore


Boolean - Default is False. If True run the test in an Audit only mode which will log all errors but instead of failing the build it will set the test as skipped. This allows visibility into the failures without breaking the build.


This supports package relative files, folders, and glob patterns to ignore. These are passed to the markdownlint-cli tool as quoted -i parameters.

Linter Configuration

All configuration options available to the linter can be set in the .markdownlint.yaml. This includes customizing rule options and enforcement. See more details here: Linter Rules are described here:

Rule Overrides

There are times when a certain rule should not apply to part of a markdown file. Markdownlint has numerous ways to configure this. See the in file Configuration options described at the links above