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TPM Replay Event Log Documentation

The TPM Replay Event Log schema represents information that maps to a TPM event log.

events (Array)

An array of event objects in the TPM event log.

  • Type: Array of objects
  • Required: Yes

Event Object

type (String)

The Event Log type. It's based on the TCG PC Client Platform Firmware Profile Specification.

  • Type: String
  • Required: Yes

Possible Event Types

  • EV_POST_CODE: PCR[0] only. Typically used to log BIOS POST code, embedded SMM code, ACPI flash data, BIS code, or manufacturer-controlled embedded option ROMs as a binary image.
  • EV_NO_ACTION: PCRs[0,6]. Used for informative data that is not extended into a PCR.
  • EV_SEPARATOR: PCRs[0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7]. Used to mark an error or pre-OS to OS transition.
  • EV_ACTION: PCRs[1,2,3,4,5,6]. Signifies that a certain action measured as a string has been performed.
  • EV_EVENT_TAG: Defined for Host OS and SW usage. An event tag indicating a particular type or category of event.
  • EV_S_CRTM_CONTENTS: PCR[0] only. The contents of the Core Root of Trust for Measurement (CRTM).
  • EV_S_CRTM_VERSION: PCR[0] only. The version of the Core Root of Trust for Measurement (CRTM).
  • EV_CPU_MICROCODE: PCR[1] only. CPU microcode.
  • EV_PLATFORM_CONFIG_FLAGS: PCR[1] only. Flags indicating the configuration of the platform.
  • EV_TABLE_OF_DEVICES: PCR[1] only. List or table of devices present in the system.
  • EV_COMPACT_HASH: Used for PCRs other than [0,1,2,3]. A compact representation of a hash value.
  • EV_IPL: Deprecated. Initial Program Load event, often related to the boot process.
  • EV_IPL_PARTITION_DATA: Deprecated. Data related to an Initial Program Load (IPL) partition.
  • EV_NONHOST_CODE: PCRs[0,2]. Code that is not part of the host system, such as firmware or embedded code.
  • EV_NONHOST_CONFIG: PCRs[1,3]. Configuration data for non-host code.
  • EV_NONHOST_INFO: PCR[0] only. Information or metadata about non-host code.
  • EV_OMIT_BOOT_DEVICE_EVENTS: PCR[4] only. Indicator that events from boot devices are omitted.
  • EV_EFI_EVENT_BASE: Base value for all UEFI platform event types.
  • EV_EFI_VARIABLE_DRIVER_CONFIG: PCRs[1,3,5,7]. Used to measure configuration for UEFI variables.
  • EV_EFI_VARIABLE_BOOT: PCR[1] only. Deprecated. Measures a UEFI boot variable.
  • EV_EFI_BOOT_SERVICES_APPLICATION: PCRs[2,4] only. Contains the tagged hash of the normalized code from the loaded UEFI application.
  • EV_EFI_BOOT_SERVICES_DRIVER: PCRs[0,2] only. Contains the tagged hash of the normalized code from the loaded UEFI Boot Services driver.
  • EV_EFI_RUNTIME_SERVICES_DRIVER: PCRs[0,2] only. Contains the tagged hash of the normalized code from the loaded UEFI Runtime Services driver.
  • EV_EFI_GPT_EVENT: PCR[5] only. Measures information about the UEFI GUID Partition Table (GPT).
  • EV_EFI_ACTION: PCRs[1,2,3,4,5,6,7]. An EFI event related to a specific action taken by the EFI firmware.
  • EV_EFI_PLATFORM_FIRMWARE_BLOB: PCRs[0,2,4]. Deprecated. An EFI event related to a platform firmware blob.
  • EV_EFI_HANDOFF_TABLES: PCR[1] only. Deprecated. An EFI event related to handoff tables between different components.
  • EV_EFI_PLATFORM_FIRMWARE_BLOB2: PCRs[0,2,4]. Measures information about non-PE/COFF images. Allows for non-PE/COFF images in PCR[2] or PCR[4].
  • EV_EFI_HANDOFF_TABLES2: PCR[1] only. System configuration tables referenced by entries in UEFI_HANDOFF_TABLE_POINTERS2 for each PCR bank.
  • EV_EFI_VARIABLE_BOOT2: PCR[1] only. Used to measure configuration for UEFI variables including the UEFI Boot#### variables and the BootOrder variable.
  • EV_EFI_HCRTM_EVENT: PCR[0] only. Records an event for the digest extended to PCR[0] as part of an H-CRTM event.
  • EV_EFI_VARIABLE_AUTHORITY: PCR[7] only. Describes the Secure Boot UEFI variables. Digest fields contain the tagged hash of the UEFI_SIGNATURE_DATA value from UEFI_SIGNATURE_LIST used to validate the loaded image for each PCR bank.
  • EV_EFI_SPDM_FIRMWARE_BLOB: PCR[2] only. Records an extended digest for the embedded firmware of a device that supports SPDT GET_MEASUREMENTS functionality.
  • EV_EFI_SPDM_FIRMWARE_CONFIG: PCR[3] only. Records an extended digest of the configuration of embedded firmware for an add-in device that supports SPDM GET_MEASUREMENTS functionality.

pcr (Integer)

The PCR index for this event. PCRs 0-7 are allowed.

  • Type: Integer
  • Range: 0 to 7
  • Required: Yes

description (String)

An optional informational comment about this event entry. Used only for documentation in the YAML/JSON file.

  • Type: String
  • Required: No

data (Object)

Information about the event data.

  • Type: Object
  • Required: Yes

data - type (String)

The event data type. Either a string, a base64 encoded value, or UEFI variable data.

  • For Strings:

  • include_null_char: (Optional, Boolean) Indicates a null character should be appended to the string. Default is false.

  • encoding: (Optional, String) Specifies the encoding to use for the data string. Default is utf-8 and can be either "utf-8" or "utf-16".

  • For Base64: Base64 encoded values should be used for binary data.

  • For UEFI variables:

  • variable_name: (Required, String) The UEFI vendor GUID (name in TCG specifications). In the following format: {0xD719B2CB, 0x3D3A, 0x4596, {0xA3, 0xBC, 0xDA, 0xD0, 0x0E, 0x67, 0x65, 0x6F}}

  • variable_unicode_name_length: (Required, Integer) The number of Unicode characters in the variable_unicode_name value.
  • variable_data_length: (Required, Integer) The size in bytes of the data in the value data.
  • variable_unicode_name: (Required, String) The UEFI variable name string (actual variable name). This is passed as a normal string and converted to UTF-16 during encoding in the script.

  • Required: Yes

data - value (String)

The actual event data in string (or base64) representation.

  • Type: String
  • Required: Yes

prehash (Object)

Specifies the pre-hashed values for chosen (and supported) algorithms.

  • sha1: Must be a SHA-1 length string that begins with '0x'.
  • sha256: Must be a SHA-256 length string that begins with '0x'.
  • sha384: Must be a SHA-384 length string that begins with '0x'.

hash (Array)

An array of algorithms that should be used to hash the given event data.

  • Type: Array of strings
  • Possible Values: "sha1", "sha256", "sha384"
  • Required: Yes, if "prehash" is not provided.

Schema Constraints

  • events is a required field.
  • Each event object must have at least one of the "hash" or "prehash" fields, but not both.
  • No additional properties are allowed in the main object or the event object that are not defined in the schema.