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Front Page

The Project Mu graphical front page provides access to system information, boot option configuration, and DFCI configuration settings.

For more information about front page, refer to its documentation - OemPkg - Front Page.

Front page in Q35

Entering Front Page

Two build variables are available that influence how front page is built and loaded.

  1. BLD_*_GUI_FRONT_PAGE=TRUE - Builds the front page application shown here instead of alternative non-GUI applications that act as the front page. The default value for this variable is FALSE, therefore it must be set to TRUE.
  2. BOOT_TO_FRONT_PAGE=TRUE - Simulates pressing the Vol+ button which indicates that the boot should prioritize the front page boot option. If this is not done, but (1) is set to TRUE, this front page can still be entered but it is not loaded automatically. Instead, the boot will likely boot to the EFI shell and then exiting the shell (with the exit command), will switch to this front page.

Once in front page, the boot option order can be configured as desired. This front page's boot option entry is named "Mu UEFI UI Front Page".

The default value for this variable is FALSE.