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Mock IPMI Library

The mock IPMI library is intended to be used to leverage the IPMI stack but without a real BMC providing the IPMI services. Currently, this means that the mock library will attempt to return a valid but often useless reply for most messages. This is useful for platform bring-up and testing new features in the IPMI feature package that may not have hardware support yet. The base library implementation of Mock IPMI is intended for use in host based unit tests of higher level functionality by allowing IPMI functionality without requiring the generic IPMI UEFI modules.

To add new functionality to the mock IPMI library, handlers should be created and added to the MockHandlers array at the top of MockIpmi.c. The mock handlers will be provided in command data and the response data buffers. Failures should be reflected in the returned CompletionCode and the response size should always be set to the size of the returned structure.