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Mu BaseTools Notes

This is a set of compiled tools for Edk2 development on x86 for Windows and Linux. This set has both the standard Edk2 tools as well as additional tools created for Project Mu.


Information about the TianoCore Edk2 Basetools can be found here:

Information about Project Mu can be found here:


TianoCore/Project Mu Edk2 Build tools


BaseTools binaries are versioned based on the Release branch they are associated with (e.g. release/201808, release/201811, etc.). The version format is YYYY.MM.XX where:

  • YYYY is the 4-digit year
  • MM is the 2-digit month
  • XX is a point-release in case fixes are required

Nuget version is AA.BB.CC

  • If the version is a single number then make it the AA field and use zeros for BB.CC
  • Example: version command is 20160912 then NuGet version is 20160912.0.0
  • If a version has two numbers partitioned by a "-" then make those the AA.BB fields and use zero for the CC
  • Example: version command is 1234-56 then NuGet version is 1234.56.0

Process to publish new version of tool

  1. Download desired version from
  2. Unzip
  3. Make a new folder (for my example I will call it "new")
  4. Make proper subfolders for each host. (Details in NugetPublishing/
  5. Copy the assets to publish into this new folder
  6. Run the <TOOL> -v command to see the version.
  7. Open cmd prompt in the NugetPublishing dir
  8. Pack and push --Operation PackAndPush --ConfigFilePath Mu-Basetools.config.json --Version <nuget version here> --InputFolderPath <path to newly created folder here>  --ApiKey <your key here>