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Secure Boot Recovery

The Microsoft 2011 Secure Boot Certificates used to boot Windows OS and Third Party applications, drivers, option roms, through Secure Boot are expiring on 10/19/2026. New certificates have been created and are available at Keys Required for Secure Boot on all PCs | Learn Microsoft..

This EFI application is used to transition a system from the 2011 certificates to the 2023 certificates.


  • SecureBootRecovery.c
  • Recovery Logic
  • SecureBootRecovery.inf
  • Setup Information
  • Payload/dbUpdate.bin
  • Raw Recovery Payload - This file is an authenticated variable with a payload to update the DB
    • Attributes:
    • Note: The signer must have it's public certificate found in the L"KEK" variable
    • Note: The payload found in this repo is the Microsoft Windows Production PCA 2011 signed Windows UEFI CA 2023 DB payload
  • RecoveryPayload.h
  • The C representation of the dbUpdate.bin file auto generated by
  • Generates RecoveryPayload.h from Payload/dbUpdate.bin


stuart_ci_setup -c .pytool/ BUILDMODULE=MsApplicationPkg/SecureBootRecovery/SecureBootRecovery.inf -p MsApplicationPkg
stuart_update -c .pytool/ BUILDMODULE=MsApplicationPkg/SecureBootRecovery/SecureBootRecovery.inf -p MsApplicationPkg
stuart_ci_build -c .pytool/ BUILDMODULE=MsApplicationPkg/SecureBootRecovery/SecureBootRecovery.inf -p MsApplicationPkg

Update the payload

If the recovery payload needs to be updated, replace the file Payload/dbUpdate.bin with a KEK signed payload.

Then execute: