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Mu-Nasm Notes

This tool is the open source NASM assembler. More information can be found at


Go to and find the desired download.


nasm.exe is the assembler.


nasm.exe -v

Nuget version is AA.BB.CC

  • The version command generally outputs a version in AA.BB.CC format.

Process to publish new version of tool

  1. Download desired version from (Windows .exe and Linux .rpm)
  2. Unzip (unzipping RPM requires 7z)
  3. Make a new folder (for my example I will call it "new")
  4. Make proper subfolders for each host. (Details in NugetPublishing/
  5. Copy the assets to publish into this new folder (in this case just nasm and ndisasm)
  6. Run the nasm.exe -v command to see the version.
  7. Open cmd prompt in the NugetPublishing dir
  8. Pack and push --Operation PackAndPush --ConfigFilePath Mu-Nasm.config.json --Version <nuget version here> --InputFolderPath <path to newly created folder here>  --ApiKey <your key here>