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Dsc Complete Check Plugin

This CiBuildPlugin scans all INF files from a package and confirms they are listed in the package level DSC file. The test considers it an error if any INF does not appear in the Components section of the package-level DSC (indicating that it would not be built if the package were built). This is critical because much of the CI infrastructure assumes that all modules will be listed in the DSC and compiled.

This test will ignore INFs in the following cases:

  2. When a Library instance only supports the HOST_APPLICATION environment


The plugin has a few configuration options to support the UEFI codebase.

"DscCompleteCheck": {
        "DscPath": "",   # Path to dsc from root of package
        "IgnoreInf": []  # Ignore INF if found in filesystem but not dsc


Path to DSC to consider platform dsc


Ignore error if Inf file is not listed in DSC file