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Line Ending Check Plugin

This CiBuildPlugin scans all the files in a package to verify that the line endings are CRLF.

Note: If you encounter a line ending issue found by this plugin, update your development environment to avoid issues again in the future.

Most problems are caused by autocrlf=true in git settings, which will automatically adjust line endings upon checkout and commit which distorts the actual line endings from being consistent locally and remotely. In other cases, developing within a Linux workspace will natively use LF by default.

It is simplest to set autocrlf=false to prevent manipulation of line endings outside of the actual values and set up your editor to use CRLF line endings within the project.


The plugin can be configured to ignore certain files.

"LineEndingCheck": {
    "IgnoreFiles": []
    "IgnoreFilesWithNoExtension": False


An optional list of git ignore patterns relative to the package root used to exclude files from being checked.


An optional value that, if True, will insert the gitignore rules necessary to have this check ignore files that do not contain a file extension. Necessary for binary files and/or POSIX like executables.