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AdvLoggerPkg - Advanced Logger Package


The AdvancedLogger logs all debug messages into memory. At certain points, the log may be flushed to disk. The in memory log data is also available during runtime.


The following configurations are supported:

Phase Usage
DXE Only Uses DxeCore, DxeRuntime, and Dxe AdvancedLoggerLib libraries for logging from start of DXE CORE through Exit Boot Services. Accepts the PEI Advanced Logger Hob if one is generated. Produces the AdvancedLogger protocol.
DXE+SMM Requires DXE modules above, and adds the Smm AdvancedLoggerLib library. Collects SMM generated messages in the in memory log.
PEI Uses PeiCore and Pei AdvancedLoggerLib libraries. Creates the Advanced Logger Hob if PcdAdvancedLoggerPeiInRAM is set.
SEC Uses the Sec Advanced Logger Library. SEC requires a fixed load address, so it piggy backs on the Temporary RAM PCD information. Produces a Fixed Address temporary RAM log. When memory is added, the Sec Advanced Logger library converts the Temporary RAM logging information to the PEI Advanced Logger Hob.
PEI64 Uses Pei64 Advanced Logger Library. Requires the SEC fixed address temporary log information in order to log Pei64 bit DEBUG messages.

PCD's used by Advanced Logger

PCD Function of the PCD
PcdAdvancedLoggerForceEnable The default operation is to check if a Logs directory is present in the root of the filesystem. If the UefiLogs directory is present, logging is enabled. When PcdAdvancedLoggerForceEnable is TRUE, and the device is not a USB device, a UefiLogs directory will be created and logging is enabled. When logging is enabled, the proper log files will be created if not already preset.
PcdAdvancedLoggerPeiInRAM For system that have memory at PeiCore entry. The full in memory log buffer if PcdAdvancedLoggerPages is allocated in the Pei Core constructor and PcdAdvancedLoggerPreMemPages is ignored.
PcdAdvancedHdwLoggerDebugPrintErrorLevel The standard debug flags filter which log messages are produced. This PCD allow a subset of log messages to be forwarded to the Hdw Port Lib.
PcdAdvancedHdwLoggerDisable Specifies when to disable writing to the Hdw Port.
PcdAdvancedLoggerPreMemPages Amount of temporary RAM used for the debug log.
PcdAdvancedLoggerPages Amount of system RAM used for the debug log
PcdAdvancedLoggerLocator When enabled, the AdvLogger creates a variable "AdvLoggerLocator" with the address of the LoggerInfo buffer


The following libraries are used with AdvancedLogger:

Library Function of the Library
AdvancedLoggerAccessLib Used to access the memory log - used by FileLogger and Serial/Dxe/Logger
AdvancedLoggerLib One per module type - used to provide access to the in memory log buffer
AdvLoggerSmmAccessLib Used to intercept GetVariable in order to provide an OS utility the ability to read the log
BaseDebugLibAdvancedLogger Basic Dxe etc DebugLib
DebugAgent Used to intercept SEC initialization
PeiDebugLibAdvancedLogger Basic Pei DebugLib
AdvancedLoggerHdwPortLib Hook for a hardware port to capture debug messages as they are written to the log.

Platform notes

The SEC version of the Advanced Logger uses the temporary RAM block. This block is fixed in size and location, and these need to be adjusted to make room for the Advanced Logger buffer. There may be cases where the processor cache size is too small to enable the Advanced Logger during SEC.

The following changes are needed in the .dsc (Example assumes IA32/X64)











## Build Example if your build environment differentiates customer builds from internal test builds

The following changes should be in the family .dsc where the processor specific changes are specified


Advanced File Logger

The Advanced File Logger monitors for file systems mounted during boot. When an eligible file system is detected, the log is flushed to the file system. The log is flushed if the system is reset during POST, and at Exit Boot Services.

An eligible file system is one with a UefiLogs directory in the root of the file system. If no log files are present, the Advanced File Logger will create a log index file which contains the index of the last log file written, and nine log files each PcdAdvancedLoggerPages in size. These files are pre allocated at one time to reduce interference with other users of the filesystem.

To enable the Advanced File Logger, the following change is needed in the .dsc:


and the follow change is needed in the .fdf:

  INF AdvLoggerPkg/AdvancedFileLogger/AdvancedFileLogger.inf

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SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause-Patent