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The IpmiSmbios fulfills the SMBIOS Type38 requirement of IPMI Specification 2nd Generation v2.0

High Level Module Interaction Flow

The IpmiSmbios Dxe driver entry point creates IpmiSmbiosCreateOnReadyToBoot event, which creates the SMBIOS Type38 according to PCDs configuration.

Feature Enablement

To leverage this feature,

  1. Add the following to your platform DSC:

  2. Add the following to your platform FDF FVMAIN:

    INF  IpmiFeaturePkg/IpmiSmbios/IpmiSmbios.inf


PCD Name Description
PcdIpmiIoBaseAddress Default value is 0xCA2. only available when PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiAccessType == 0x01
PcdIpmiAddress Default value is 0. only available when PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiAccessType == 0x00
PcdIpmiInterfaceType Default value is 0x1. 0x00 Unknown, 0x01 KCS, 0x02 SMIC, 0x3 BT, 0x4 SSIF.
PcdIpmiAddressSpaceId IPMI GAS Address Space ID. Default is 0x01
PcdIpmiRegisterBitWidth IPMI GAS Register Bit Width. Default is 0x08
PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiInterruptInfo Default value is 0x0. 0x0 not specified, 0x1 specified.
PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiInterruptPolarity Default value is 0x0. 0x0 active low, 0x1 active high.
PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiInterruptTriggerMode Default value is 0x0. 0x0 edge, 0x1 level.
PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiInterruptNumber Default value is 0x0. 0x0 unspecified/unsupported.
PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiI2CSlaveAddress Default value is 0x20.
PcdSmbiosTablesIpmiNVStorageDeviceAddress Default value is 0xFF.

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