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How to generate Microcode FMP from Microcode TXT file

1) Copy directory UefiCpuPkg/Feature/Capsule/MicrocodeUpdateTxt to <Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeUpdateTxt

2) Copy microcode TXT file to<Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeUpdateTxt/Microcode

3) Uncomment and update statement in [Sources] section of <Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeUpdateTxt/Microcode/Microcode.inf with name of Microcode TXT file copied in previous step.

<Your Microcode TXT file>

Uncomment and update FILE DATA statement in <Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeUpdateTxt/MicrocodeCapsuleTxt.fdf with path to a Microcode MCB file. The MCB file is placed in $(WORKSPACE)/$(OUTPUT_DIRECTORY)/$(TARGET)_$(TOOL_CHAIN_TAG)/IA32/<Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeUpdateTxt/Microcode/Microcode/OUTPUT/.

FILE DATA = <your Microcode MCB file path>

Uncomment and update PLATFORM_NAME, FLASH_DEFINITION, OUTPUT_DIRECTORY section in <Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeUpdateTxt/MicrocodeCapsuleTxt.dsc with .

PLATFORM_NAME                  = <Your Platform Package>
FLASH_DEFINITION               = <Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeCapsuleTxt/MicrocodeCapsuleTxt.fdf
OUTPUT_DIRECTORY               = Build/<Your Platform Package>

Uncomment and update statement in Components section of <Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeUpdateTxt/MicrocodeCapsuleTxt.dsc with path to a Microcode INF file.

<Your Microcode INF file>

4) Use EDK II build tools to generate the Microcode FMP Capsule

build -p <Your Platform Package>/MicrocodeCapsuleTxt/MicrocodeCapsuleTxt.dsc

5) The generated Microcode FMP Capsule is found at $(WORKSPACE)/$(OUTPUT_DIRECTORY)/$(TARGET)_$(TOOL_CHAIN_TAG)/FV/MicrocodeCapsule.Cap