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The QEMU runner plugin supports easy execution of the QEMU emulator running the locally compiled firmware. This runner also supports easy local and server execution of UEFI shell based tests. It can automatically collect compiled UEFI shell based unit tests, mount a VHD or map a folder as a drive, and then parse the results once QEMU has finished.


The plugin has numerous configuration options to support the SBSA and Q35 Platforms. These can be set when calling stuart_build or platform_build by adding <name>=<value> to the command line.

Example setting up unit test to run automatically

stuart_build -c Platforms/<Platform>/ SHUTDOWN_AFTER_RUN=TRUE RUN_TESTS=TRUE


Boolean string value to indicate if QEMU should be configured to run headless/no graphics. By default graphics will be used but in some server/remote scenarios headless is required.

TRUE: configure QEMU to run headless or with no graphics
FALSE: configure QEMU for local graphics (default)


Comma separated regular expressions to configure the plugin on how to identify a UEFI shell based unit test. If one is provided and the user is on a Windows OS, all tests found with the regular expressions will be added to the virtual drive

Example: TEST_REGEX=MyTestOne.efi,*UefiShellApp.efi


Boolean string value to indicate the plugin should write all shell-based unit tests located with TEST_REGEX to startup.nsh.This startup.nsh is a special file that executes when the UEFI shell loads. See UEFI shell specification for more details. Unless SHUTDOWN_AFTER_RUN=FALSE is also passed, QEMU will shutdown after executing to parse and display the XML based results.

TRUE: find, execute, and evaluate UEFI shell unit tests
FALSE: do not (default)


Boolean string value to indicate that QEMU should be shutdown once it has finished running. The system is finished running when it has booted to shell or all unit tests specified by TEST_REGEX and added to the startup.nsh script with RUN_TESTS=TRUE have finished execution.

TRUE: The system will automaticaly shutdown after booting to shell or running all unit tests
FALSE: The system will not automatically shutdown (default)


Boolean string value to control plugin creation of virtual drive folder and emptying the folder before copying contents. When running automated tests multiple times they may write some state to the virtual drive which may change their execution. Sometimes that is desired and this option allows the plugin to copy new files to the virtual drive but not delete files.

TRUE: delete all drive contents before copying new content FALSE: don't delete all drive content before copying new content (default)