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MS Core Package


This package has shared drivers and libraries that are silicon and platform independent.


Modules Link to Documentation
AcpiRGRT: Regulatory Graphics Resource Table
CheckHardwareConnected: Require Devices Connected
DebugFileLoggerII: Uefi Log to File
GuidedSectionExtractPeim: Pei version without decompression
IncompatiblePciDevices Incompatible Pci Devices
No Option Roms Allowed NoOptionRomsAllowed
MuCryptoDxe MuCryptoDxe
MuVarPolicyFoundationDxe MuVarPolicyFoundationDxe


Libraries Link to Documentation
DebugPortPei DebugPortPei
DebugPortProtocolInstallLib DebugPortProtocolInstallLib
DeviceBootManagerLibNull DeviceBootManagerLibNull
DeviceSpecificBusInfoLibNull DeviceSpecificBusInfoLibNull
DxeDebugLibRouter DxeDebugLibRouter
JsonLiteParser JsonLiteParser
MathLib MathLib
MemoryTypeInformationChangeLib MemoryTypeInformationChangeLib
PasswordStoreLibNull PasswordStoreLibNull
PeiDebugLib PeiDebugLib
PlatformBootManagerLib PlatformBootManagerLib
TpmSgNvIndexLib TpmSgNvIndexLib
ExceptionPersistenceLib ExceptionPersistenceLib
MemoryProtectionExceptionHandlerLib MemoryProtectionExceptionHandlerLib


There are UEFI shell application based unit tests for some libraries. These tests attempt to verify basic functionality of public interfaces. Check the UntTests folder at the root of the package.

Library Tests Link to Documentation
Json Test: Json Test
MathLib UnitTests: MathLib UnitTests

Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause-Patent