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Package Document Tool

Prerequisite Tools:

  1. Install Python 2.7.3 from
  2. Install wxPython from generally the libraries will be installed at python's subfolder, for example in windows: c:\python27\Lib\site-packages\
  3. Install DoxyGen 1.8.6 from
  4. (Windows only) Install Htmlhelp tool from


  • Current tool doesn't work on latest wxPython and DoxyGen tool. Please use the sepecific version in above.

Run the Tool:

  • Run with GUI:

    1. Enter src folder, double click "packagedocapp.pyw" or run command "python packagedocapp.pyw" to open the GUI.
    2. Make sure all the information in blank are correct.
    3. Click "Generate Package Document!"
  • Run with command line:

    1. Open command line window
    2. Enter src folder, for example: "cd C:\PackageDocumentTools\src"
    3. Run "python --help" for detail command.