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Project Mu features will generally be found in a "MU" sub-module, for example, "Common/MU" or "Silicon/Intel/MU". What major features does Project Mu bring to the table above/beyond EDK2?

Feature List

  • Pluggable, cross-device, performance-optimized BDS
  • Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI) - enables practical MDM management
  • PBKDF2-based BIOS password example
  • Support for EKU-based trust anchors during signature validation
  • Microsoft unit test framework
  • Audit, function, & performance tests for platform features
  • Scalable Python build environment
  • Build plug in: override tracking tool
  • Build plug in: flash descriptor analysis
  • Binary package management via NuGet
  • Capsule signing via signtool.exe
  • Up-to-date Visual Studio compiler support
  • Base64 encode for binary objects
  • XML Support Package
  • Rust support
  • Rust build documentation
  • Rust convention documentation
  • Rust motivation documentation:
  • Enhanced Memory Protection

Features Coming Soon

  • Modern BIOS menu example (Surface inspired)
  • On screen keyboard (OSK) with mouse, touch support
  • Graphical end-to-end boot performance analysis library and tool
  • Infineon TPM firmware update via Capsule
  • On screen notifications: color bars to inform users that a device is not in a production configuration

Features integrated into Tiano

  • Safe Integer library
  • Heap Guard
  • ESRT DXE driver
  • Scalable device FMP framework
  • Progress bar for Capsule Updates
  • TCG FV pre hashing optimization
  • NVME shutdown