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Breaking Changes

Change: Removed DFCI based configuration support Owner: kuqin12 Date: 2/06/2023 Description: Removed the DFCI settings provider driver and related modules. The configuration flow is now based on XML and their automatically generated header files. PR:105 Integration: To integrate this change:

  • Remove any non-existent libraries/headers, including ConfDataSettingProvider, ConfDfciUnsignedListInit, ConfProfileMgrDxe, ConfigBlobBaseLib, ConfigDataLib, ConfigVariableListLib.
  • Add SvdXmlSettingSchemaSupportLib|SetupDataPkg/Library/SvdXmlSettingSchemaSupportLib/SvdXmlSettingSchemaSupportLib.inf in the platform DSC file.

Change: Change Binary Suffix to .vl Owner: os-d Date: 1/31/2023 Description: Standardize the binary suffix output by ConfigEditor to .vl to be in line with other tools and dmpstore. This reflects the variable list format being used by the binary output as opposed to the generic .bin suffix. PR:100 Integration: To integrate this change, either manually change the suffix of existing binary files to .vl or make the changes in the ConfigEditor UI tool and save new binary files.

Change: Add GUIDs to CSV Files and Load CSV Files Based on GUID/Name Owner: os-d Date: 1/18/23 Description: Make CSV loading in ConfigEditor more robust by no longer relying on filenames to load the CSV but instead loading via namespace GUID and knob name. This change added GUIDs to the CSV output and no longer accepts the older style CSV output that does not include the GUID information. PR: 90 Integration: To integrate this change, either manually add the GUID information to existing CSV files or load the XML(s) with the new version of ConfigEditor, make the CSV changes in the tool and regenerate the CSVs.