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The IpmiPowerRestorePolicy configures the Power Restore Policy by the IPMI Chassis Command. For command details, please refer to IPMI Specification 2nd Generation v2.0

High Level Module Interaction Flow

The IpmiPowerRestorePolicy Dxe driver get current power restore policy and platform power restore policy setting first, if the setting is the same then just return EFI_SUCCESS, if it is mismatch, then it will configure the power restore policy according to Platform setting via IPMI Chassis command.

Feature Enablement

To leverage this feature,

  1. Add the following to your platform DSC:

  2. Add the following to your platform FDF:

    INF  IpmiFeaturePkg/IpmiPowerRestorePolicy/IpmiPowerRestorePolicy.inf

Platform Specific Library APIs

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