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Capsule Update Policy On Protocol Library Instance


This library class instance of CapsuleUpdatePolicyLib implements the library API using the values returned from an installed instance of EDKII_CAPSULE_UPDATE_POLICY_PROTOCOL. If the protocol is not found, the library will default to conservative responses.

API Overview

  • CheckSystemEnvironment () - Determines if the system environment state supports a capsule update.
  • CheckSystemPower () - Determine if the system power state supports a capsule update.
  • CheckSystemThermal () - Determines if the system thermal state supports a capsule update.
  • IsLockFmpDeviceAtLockEventGuidRequired () - Determines if the Lowest Supported Version checks should be performed.
  • IsLowestSupportedVersionCheckRequired () - Determines if the FMP device should be locked when the event specified by PcdFmpDeviceLockEventGuid is signaled.

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SPDX-License-Identifier: BSD-2-Clause-Patent