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Lauterbach T32 Scripts

DXE Phase Debug

Update the memsize variable in EfiLoadDxe.cmm for the actual amount of memory available in your system. Allow your system to boot to the point that the DXE core is initialized (so that the System Table and Debug Information table is present in memory) and execute this script (using the toolbar button or 'do EfiLoadDxe' from the command area). It will scan memory for the debug info table and load modules in it.

SEC/PEI Phase Debug

There is no way to autodetect where these images reside so you must pass an address for the memory-mapped Firmware Volume containing these images. To do this, enter 'do EfiLoadFv \<addr>' where \<addr> is the base address for the firmware volume containing the SEC or PEI code. To be more efficient you may want to create a script that calls this, like MyBoardLoadSec.cmm which contains the call to EfiLoadFv. You can them map this script to a T32 menu or toolbar button for quick access.