Provides an overview analysis of 'Weekly Digital Collaboration'. Returns a stacked bar plot of Email and Meeting Hours by default. Additional options available to return a summary table.

collaboration_sum(data, hrvar = "Organization", mingroup = 5, return = "plot")

collab_sum(data, hrvar = "Organization", mingroup = 5, return = "plot")

  hrvar = "Organization",
  mingroup = 5,
  return = "plot"

collab_summary(data, hrvar = "Organization", mingroup = 5, return = "plot")



A Standard Person Query dataset in the form of a data frame.


String containing the name of the HR Variable by which to split metrics. Defaults to "Organization". To run the analysis on the total instead of splitting by an HR attribute, supply NULL (without quotes).


Numeric value setting the privacy threshold / minimum group size. Defaults to 5.


Character vector specifying what to return, defaults to "plot". Valid inputs are "plot" and "table".


Returns a 'ggplot' object by default, where 'plot' is passed in return. When 'table' is passed, a summary table is returned as a data frame.


Uses the metrics Meeting_hours, Email_hours, Unscheduled_Call_hours, and Instant_Message_hours.

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