Calculate the hour distribution of internal meeting types. This is a wrapper around meetingtype_dist_mt() and meetingtype_dist_ca(), depending on whether a Meeting Query or a Ways of Working Assessment Query is passed as an input.

meetingtype_dist(data, hrvar = NULL, mingroup = 5, return = "plot")



Data frame. If a meeting query, must contain the variables Attendee and DurationHours.


Character string to specify the HR attribute to split the data by. Note that this is only applicable if a Ways of Working Assessment query is passed to the function. If a Meeting Query is passed instead, this argument is ignored.


Numeric value setting the privacy threshold / minimum group size. Defaults to 5. Only applicable when using a Ways of Working Assessment query.


String specifying what to return. This must be one of the following strings:

  • "plot"

  • "table"

See Value for more information.


A different output is returned depending on the value passed to the return


  • "plot": ggplot object. A matrix of meeting types with duration and the number of attendees. If using a Ways of Working Assessment query with meetingtype_dist_ca() and an HR attribute with more than one unique value is passed to hrvar, a stacked bar plot is returned.

  • "table": data frame. A summary table.

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# Implementation using Standard Meeting Query
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