Plot the external network metrics for a HR variable as a scatter plot, showing 'External Network Breadth' as the vertical axis and 'External Network Size' as the horizontal axis.

  hrvar = "Organization",
  mingroup = 5,
  return = "plot",
  bubble_size = c(1, 8)



A Standard Person Query dataset in the form of a data frame.


HR Variable by which to split metrics, defaults to "Organization" but accepts any character vector, e.g. "LevelDesignation"


Numeric value setting the privacy threshold / minimum group size. Defaults to 5.


String specifying what to return. This must be one of the following strings: - "plot" - "table"


A numeric vector of length two to specify the size range of the bubbles


'ggplot' object showing a bubble plot with external network size as the x-axis and external network breadth as the y-axis. The size of the bubbles represent the number of unique employees in each group.


Uses the metrics External_network_size and Networking_outside_company.

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# Return plot
sq_data %>% external_network_plot(return = "plot")